Windows of the Moon was a fantasy slash action slash romance story taking place in... Antartica? It is the first book of five in the Shard's Souls series, and is followed by Behind These Walls.

Short SummaryEdit

In this book we meet some of the main characters from the Shard's Souls series- their backstories, their personalities; and we learn more about the incredible way they can survive in Antartica. Hint: it's an ice dragon! But their whole world comes crumbling down (literally) when the human species explores their home ground.


  • The characters aren't actually human. They're homo glaciens instead of homo sapiens. Difference? They're more highly adapted to living in extreme cold. NOTE: by the end of the series they're acknowledged as adapted homo sapiens, not homo glaciens as they were first called.
  • In the book the name of the tribe is spelled Oæĝa (supposedly pronounced as Oh-AHNG-ah)