"My, What a beautiful dog. Isn't he just the most perfect little thing?"  -The Illusionist on Mr. Hornsberry

Mr. Hornsberry was a character featured on parts one and two of The Portal, which was part of Series 1 of the Fayrah Chronicles. The Fayrah Chronicles were scripted by Hailey Stillman.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Mr. Hornsberry before the chronicles. He was given as a birthday present to Nathan from his grandfather shortly before the adventures began, and at first Nathan was displeased with him. Mr. Hornsberry probably lived for around two-three hours. It is clear that his dedications and devotions lie (mostly) only in Nathan and so that is listed as his only Affilations.

During the Fayrah ChroniclesEdit

Mr. Hornsberry showed both his intuition and gullibility throughout The Portal (Parts 1 and 2). He remained in a stately manner much of the time and throughout his entire life showed his fierce urge to protect Nathan. He was initially untrusting of both Bobok and the Illusionist, but was won over by both of them. He tried to protect Nathan from Bobok by lunging out against the villain, but was frozen mid-air. Immediately after he was unfrozen he rushed off to find Nathan once more. After returning to Earth (the Upside-Down Kingdom), however, he was turned back into a stuffed toy. (The Portal- Parts One and Two)

Informational ChartEdit

Also Known As:


O Cloth Stuffed with Sawdust

Family Nathan O'Brien (Master)


The Upside-Down Kingdom

Descriptive Information

English Bulldog, Male, gray fur


Nathan O'Brien (Master)



The Illusionist

Status Inanimate Object
Portrayed By
List of Appearances The Portal, Parts 1 and 2