"Denny's in there, dying for love..." -Aristophenix on Denise

Denise was a main character of the Fayrah Chronicles, whose scripts were written by Hailey Stillman. She was featured predominantly in all the episodes to date.


Early LifeEdit

Until age four, Denise had a mostly normal and happy childhood. When she was very little she was given a kitten named Charlie for Christmas, who later became a subject of peace for her and also an internal struggle focal point.

Denise's father left her and her mother alone when she was four, an event that no question influenced much of her actions. Joshua O'Brien became a much needed friend and even fatherly figure for her well into later years. Seamus O'Brien became a granfatherly figure for her as well. Denise's mother was not particularily influential in her life and did little to comfort her as she herself sunk into depression and despair. This was largely the cause of her internal struggle of emotions she had surrounding her missing father. Much of this emotions came to show with her struggle as to wether or not the Imager could actually love her.

She was cast out as the school odd ball because of her awful grades (but bright intellect), refusing to move past the disappearance of her father, and tough mentality. Despite this, no one would dare make fun of her because she would get after them after school (beat them up).

During the Fayrah ChroniclesEdit

Denise is initially the one who accidentally send the distress call out to the Fayrahnians. She is unable, however, to enter The Center because she harbors a resentment against her father. She ends up risking her life to save Nathan from The Menagerie by sneaking into Bobok's castle and encouraging Nathan as he is attacked by the other prisoners. She is heartbroken when Samson dies, as he was her favorite of the Fayrahnians. In a last ditch attempt to save Samson's life, she almost doesn't make it through the Portal before it closes. (The Portal, Parts One and Two)

Informational ChartEdit

Also Known As:


Status Alive, in the Upside-Down Kingdom

Joshua O'Brien (see above)

Chloe Wayne (mother)

Dominic Wolff (ex-father)



The Upside-Down Kingdom

Descriptive Information

Human, Female

Short brown hair, blue eyes, freckles


Joshua O'Brien

Nathan O'Brien

Aristophenix T Xanthrope

Listro Q




The Weaver

The Imager


The Illusionist


The Merchant of Emotions

Portrayer Jaquelyn Dobson
List of Appearances All episodes to date


Denise Wolff was spunky and brave, though her downfalls were shown to be pride and her wuick temper. Denise showed fierce devotion to Gus and Gertie, proving that she loved them so much she was willing to sacrifice herself for their own good. In short, she is a soft-hearted person armored by a tough exterior.